The work we do, and … why do we do that?

I find it very interesting and unfortunately very common that a lot of busy work a lot of busy people do on a daily bases is actually complete waist of time and money. I am wondering what would’ve happened to our economy and our progress over all if some how we managed not to be chicken to call a BS right when we see it? Think about it for a second…. Someone tells you to go work on something, that you know will be throwing away next week, just to keep you doing something…. and instead of saying :” Well… if that what you want…”, you would go ahead and say “WTF?? Don’t you think you need to find some better idea? ..” and instead invest all this saved time into learning something new? After few weeks ether you will work on something better … or you will invent something new on your own and start a successful company;)  At least in theory it sounds pretty good  🙂