More fun with Erlang

I am working on a prototype of an application that needs to proxy client HTTP requests to different origins. I needed a function that will filter HTTP headers before I forward them. Application is in Erlang, but since I’ve been a big Ruby fan for a while now… Here is a comparison of possible implementations:


  NO_FORWARD = ['Host', 'Content-Length', 'Accept-Encoding']
  def filter_headers(headers)
      headers.inject({}) do |result, (name, value)|
         result[name.to_s] = value unless NO_FORWARD.include?(name.to_s)

Now, same code … but in Erlang:

filter_headers(Headers) ->
NoForward = ['Host', 'Content-Length', 'Accept-Encoding'],

Pred = fun({Name, Value}, L) ->
case lists:member(Name, NoForward) of
false ->
Key = case is_atom(Name) of
true -> atom_to_list(Name);
false -> Name
[{Key, Value} | L];
true -> L

lists:foldl(Pred, [], Headers).

I think given a bit more effort, each code sample might be even more compact, but even what I have looks pretty readable 🙂


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